What Our Clients are Saying...

"I was a tenant for a year and had a wonderful experience. Marc and his team were very responsive to all of my needs and questions. Their properties are beautiful, clean, and priced competitively. I'd recommend staying at one of their properties!"

- Kacee Britton, Lawrence, KS. (Tenant) / Comment Posted July 2016

"My wife and I leased a townhouse from (LiveVesta.com) Marc and this team for three years. The property was in great condition and met all of our expectations. If anything needed fixed, They were very quick to fix it. Great places to live!"

- Mark Gonzalez, Lawrence, KS. (Tenant) / Comment Posted July 2016 

"Living as a tenant under LiveVesta.com was a wonderful experience. I have (personally) rented since 2009 and the three years with this team were the most enjoyable. They are extremely reliable, reasonable and responsive.

They were always available when we needed him and was always more than happy to help. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in renting to go through the Vesta team.  Meet them and see for yourself."

- Zachary Taylor, Lawrence, KS. (Tenant) / Comment Posted July 2016

"My wife and I were tenants in a townhouse managed by Marc and his team for just over two years. The level of professionalism and their ability to respond to fixes/concerns quickly was truly a highlight in our living experience.

We also appreciated the holiday gifts throughout the year! We've rented several places over the past 5 years, and we can confidently say this has been the best living arrangement we've had to date. I certainly recommend renting from the Vesta team!"

- Lance Frazer, Lawrence, KS. (Tenant) / Comment Posted July 2016

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